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Storage Auctions - Mankato

If you're interested in participating in online storage auctions for abandoned storage units throughout Mankato, we have a list of storage facilities that offer eligible storage units for auction. Once you've found a storage unit near your location that's scheduled for auction, click on the online storage auction button to access more details. You can also contact the self-storage facility manager at the provided number for additional information. The list of Mankato storage auctions is frequently updated, so make sure to check it regularly. Our two self-storage facilities spread across Texas could have units available for online auction at any time, and there might be a storage unit up for bidding near your area.

North Mankato High Res Photos-2.jpg

Osprey Storage Howard

1717 Howard Dr

North Mankato, MN 49024



Storage Lounge

1721 Premier Dr

Mankato, MN 49024


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